Funny Fake Captions


WikiHow is an incredibly useful resource, an online database of how-to instructions that aims to enable everyone in the world to learn how to do anything they want to do. With over 190,000 articles uploaded so far, there are some pretty niche scenarios available, such as: “How to Make People Think You’re Immortal,” and “How to Apologize to a Cat.” Because you just never know, do you?


  1. Posted by GLaDOS2point0, — Reply

    Am i the only one who thought if the vine where a guy put his alarm clock in thd bed and when it was like 10:26 and he started screeching and he was like “ThIs Is HoW iT fEeLs!.!”?

  2. Posted by Himiko_Toga9000, — Reply

    I started doing this and my mom looked at me and said what the f are you doing? I told her.She just walked away.

  3. Posted by NoStepOnDragos, — Reply

    Instructions unclear. All the alarm clocks have rioted and I'm hiding in th-

  4. Posted by sweet_SKITTLES, — Reply


  5. Posted by smargets, — Reply


  6. Posted by honeykisszs, — Reply

    what’s this subreddit called again? r/something disney vacation

  7. Posted by SkyeMoonshin, — Reply

    I'm here because of @xangelicbunx, can I eat my clock?

  8. Posted by viridityxmoon, — Reply

    okay i’ll yell at my alarm clock tomorrow

  9. Posted by jiangoh23, — Reply

    Whats the next order,my alarm started having a mental breakdown

  10. Posted by darkgon6666, — Reply

    thanks,this helped me to much :>

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